Course: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Workshop

R9 990,00

Introduction to Workshop:

In any business environment, Emotional Intelligence and Communication Skills are the fundamentals for success. It is becoming critical to not only understand the scope of work but to be able to analyse and understand oneself and the people in your team, in terms of motivation, behaviour and performance potential. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, understand and control one’s thoughts and feelings, communicate them clearly to others and interact with empathy towards others’ emotions. This workshop explores the basis of Emotional Intelligence and gives guidelines on applying the theories in everyday situations that arise when working with people.


This workshop will enable delegates to apply knowledge, skills and insight within the team or management context and can also be used for personal development.

Duration of the course: 2-days

***Course designed by Dr. Nischal Khandai

Face to face interventions delivered by Professors from the NSK Private Business School

Virtual sessions arranged on request (effective for smaller groups)


Course Objectives:

~ Understand the concept of emotional intelligence

~ Analyse the relationship between emotional intelligence and self-awareness

~ Analyse the relationship between emotional intelligence and self-management

~ Analyse the relationship between emotional intelligence and social awareness

~ Apply techniques for responding to situations in an emotionally intelligent manner

~ Analysing the impact of emotional intelligence on life and work interactions

~ Evaluating own level of emotional intelligence to determine developmental areas

Course Content:

~ Module 1: The Principles and Concepts of Emotional Intelligence

~ Module 2: Self-Awareness and Self-Management

~ Module 3: Social Awareness – The impact of Emotional Intelligence on Life and Work Interactions

~ Module 4: Emotional Intelligence in Relationship Development and Management

~ Module 5: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Life and Work situations

~ Module 6: The Personal Emotional Blueprint



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