Course: Employment Equity + Transformation

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Key Course Objectives:
This course investigates the Employment Equity Act and all of its ramifications for organisations. The training ensures that Employment Equity Committees understand their role and function. The course looks at the legal reporting requirements of organisations as per affirmative action reports.

Duration of the course: 2-days

***Course designed by Dr. Nischal Khandai

Face to face interventions delivered by Professors from the NSK Private Business School

Virtual sessions arranged on request (effective for smaller groups)


Course Outline:

Part 1
~ Overview of the Employment Equity Act
~ Understanding the Employment Equity Act
~ Designated groups: African, Coloured, and Indian, Women, Disabled

Part 2
~ Prohibition of unfair discrimination
~ Understanding unfair discrimination
~ Differentiation and Discrimination
~ Direct and indirect discrimination
~ Grounds of discrimination
~ Employment applicants, work analysis and inherent requirements
~ Recruitment and selection
~ Medical and Psychological assessments
~ Labour court case studies

Part 3
~ Employment Equity and Affirmative action
~ Understanding Affirmative Action
~ Understanding Black Empowerment
~ National or regional demographics
~ Understanding the B-BB EE scorecard as per management control
~ The duties of designated employers
~ The requirements of disclosure of information
~ Employment Equity Plans and the requirements for keeping records
~ EEA 2 and EEA 4 Report – One year and three-year plans

Part 4
~ Wage discrimination
~ Wage gaps based on race, gender, and disability
~ New amendments to the Employment Equity Act
~ Fines and penalties and Labour Court cases

Part 5
~ Roles, responsibilities, and functions of the Employment Equity Committee
~ Monitoring Employment Policies, Procedures & Practices
~ Monitoring /Evaluating the Implementation of an EE Plan
~ Oversight of EE committee vs HR department responsibilities
~ Consultation and Identification of EE Barriers
~ Recruitment barriers and Promotion barriers
~ Qualification barriers and skills development
~ Succession planning barriers
~ Developing EE Measures
~ Benchmarking Best Practices
~ Frequency and content of Committee Meetings
~ Confidentiality in not disclosing salaries and personal information

Part 6
~ The Skills Development Committee
~ Workplace skills plan and Annual Training Report
~ The B-BB EE scorecard and skills development
~ Practical analysis of EE plans and EE reports
~ The way forward and planning for the employment equity committee


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