Pro Presentation Design

R3 300,00

AMS Professional Presentation Designs service includes:

  1. The creation of a visually stunning, effective + powerful presentation that leaves a lasting impression.
  2. Understanding your presentation goals, target audience + Brand identity (incl. fonts, colours + messaging).
  3. Our Team of skilled Designers who create a custom presentation design that showcases your content in a visually appealing, clear + highly engaging way.
  4. We format your presentation for optimal readability and visual impact and ensure that it’s compatible with a range of devices and platforms.
  5. 3 Revisions + content support throughout the design process to ensure that your presentation meets your expectations and exceeds your audience’s expectations.
  6. Presentations slides are from 3-9 pages, depending on objective + content provided/required. Additional pages cost R390 p/page.



Professionally Designed Presentations assist you to make a lasting impression on your audience + deliver your message with greater impact.


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