Course: Supervisory Management Development

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Key Workshop Objectives:
This workshop is aimed at newly appointed managers, team-leaders, and supervisors. It guides supervisors and team-leaders to understand their roles and equips them with the tools for attaining sustainable organisational goals. The course focuses on setting clear objectives for improving performance and productivity. It builds on the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to manage self and others. It also aids in building teams and focuses on how to overcome challenges faced by each manager, team-leader, or supervisor. It further assists with tools designed to manage and motivate subordinates and to enable them to advance their careers within or outside their Organisations.

Duration of the course: 2-days

***Course designed by Dr. Nischal Khandai

Face to face interventions delivered by Professors from the NSK Private Business School

Virtual sessions arranged on request (effective for smaller groups)


~ Understanding the supervisory management context and the need for development
~ Understanding why modern Organisations need Supervisors and Team-leaders
~ Analysing the importance of accountability for supervisory management effectiveness
~ Understanding the core management functions
~ Building both Confidence and Competence to manage people as peers
~ Building effective and diverse teams
~ Appreciating the different management and leadership styles
~ Analysing and solving problems
~ Applying effective business communication and removing barriers
~ Building on Counselling skills
~ Understanding motivation and how to apply Motivational Theories
~ Understanding and applying conflict resolution skills
~ Assessing Performance management
~ Managing time and priorities effectively
~ Taking accountability of one’s own growth and development

Focus areas:
~ Supervisory management in context
~ Why do Organisations need managers, supervisors, and team-leaders?
~ Managing people who were your peers
~ Accountability and supervisory effectiveness
~ The core management functions
~ Building effective teams in your Organisations
~ Understanding group dynamics
~ Different Management and Leadership Styles
~ Planning and Prioritising
~ Conflict Management
~ Delegation, feedback and listening skills
~ Supervision and control
~ Managing time and quality
~ Motivation
~ Managing Discipline in the workplace
~ Development of oneself and professional development




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